Sunday, June 13, 2010

Every thing is close, kind of

So Zhaklina, a friend I will meet in Macedonia, told me that it should be a 10-12 hour bus ride from Sarajevo to Skopje.

I was a little shocked.

I found a web site that confirmed the 12 hour estimate.  And the only bus leaves Sarajevo at 8:30pm (Tues&Fri), so most of the travel will be at night.  I was kind of hoping to see the countryside.  Now, what is so shocking is that the distance is only 222 miles between Sarajevo and Skopje.  Folks, that's 18.5mph.  If the terrain dictates that we have to go that slow, wouldn't it be best to do this in the light?  I wonder how much a plane ticket would cost?


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  1. If it's like the buses in Moldova and Ukraine, it will stop every 150 yards, at every single village, as well as several stops in the middle of absolutely nowhere. And in between those stops, the driver will go 150 mph.

    Bring a pillow! :-)