Monday, July 12, 2010

At It.

I’ve been in Skopje a few days now and am feeling good, relaxed, and at home.  I’ve gone out to see the city and to visit with friends.  A couple of times I’ve sat down on a shady bench in the center to do some journal writing.  Even in the hustle and bustle of the capital city there is always a quiet, peaceful place to sit.  I’m learning though that can’t be done at a restaurant--food comes too fast.  And no matter how much I tell myself the tavche gravche can wait for me to finish a sentence, I find myself a liar.
Yesterday I began the process of revising pieces from last year’s Master’s thesis.  I’m really glad I am here to do that.  Being away from home gives much more focus--although:
  1. I have to repeat to myself that coming all this way, to one of my favorite places, I can stay inside and do my work.  Well, not “work”--I can stay inside and do what I came to do.  I’m not wasting anything by staying inside and working on my computer.  I can go out later when it cools off.  
  2. This writing is still hard as hell!  I ask myself, “Will I lose the reader here? Did I say enough?”  “Or am I belaboring a point?” “Is this too whiney?”  “Does this sound arrogant?”  "Why can't I just write down what happened?  Why doesn't it just flow out of my fingertips?"  Hard as hell.
But at least I am at it.  

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  1. Hey, just discovered your blog. Began reading and became immediately engrossed. I put the baby down for a nap and sent (unfortunately yelled at)the older one who wants to talk incessently about video games to his room so I could finish reading all of it.

    This most recent post and the poignant questions you pose to yourself reminded me of McCourt's "Teacher Man". I just recently finished listening to it, so I heard very clearly his voice saying, "Clarity, man. What about clarity?" (Here he is confronting a student whose writing was overly verbose and obtusely erudite) Anyway, your writing demonstrates the beauty that that clarity creates.