Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day One, Delhi

All right, so here I am. I have learned from my mistakes in Croatia when I did not stick to my plan. This time my plan was to arrive and hunker down in the hotel room for the first day. I knew I would need to get acclimated and caught up on sleep. I didn't realize how holing up like a hermit would play with my mind. I felt like a prisoner. But now tha I am over the sleep deprivation I am feeling a lot better. Right now it's almost ten at night. Tomorrow morning I am going to take advantage of the hotel's trip assistance and take a tour of the sites. I'd thought being so close to the red fort I'd be able to just walk myself over there, but in Delhi, like Cairo, one mile may as well be a hundred. I wish I'd remembered Cairo's lesson about distance, direction, and allowing yourself to let others help you--but not be a fool about it, of course. So, I know friends were expecting photos and such, but that will have to wait. Seriously, I haven't left the hotel. And from the rooftop dining area, all I can see through the bamboo screening are higher buildings and air conditioning units. But tomorrow I will be adventurous.

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  1. Dave, just booking the trip was plenty adventurous. Sleep is your friend, and I'm glad you're mine. --xoA